Kickstarter Funding Successful! (27 April 2021)

Artemis Time Art is happy to announce that we were successfully funded on Kickstarter!

The project begun as a flight of fancy, in all honesty. To offer a Champleve Enamel style timepiece, which has never been offered below a 4-digit price-point, was a monumental task. Much less to say, below the 200USD mark. We were mocked, attacked, and doubted by so, so many. Skeptics came, and tried tearing our entire concept apart. But thankfully for every doubter, we have a proportionately larger amount of kind folks who believed in us. And many who doubted us, converted into believers.

To us, this is the definition of a microbrand. To challenge the limits of horology, at more competitive pricing, with nothing less than the best of our efforts. To offer the watch collector something they could otherwise find difficult to attain. Microbrands are the democracy of our hobby.

When you support a microbrand, you are not paying for billboards. You are not paying for celebrity endorsements. You are helping creators realise a collective dream.

Thank you to all who have supported us one way or the other, in this momentous journey. We promise to do only better in the years to come.