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"Artemis Time Art is on a mission to make such crafts accessible to everyone, starting with a collection meant to appeal to women who are new to the world of watches."

Our Story

Artemis Time Art was founded in Singapore, with the hope to bring artistically designed watches to a market saturated with plain, minimalistic watches.

We fuse quality watch-making with beautiful creative dials, using a range of lost artisanal techniques. For our first collection, we drew inspiration from the centuries-old art of Hand-Painted Champlevé Enamelling, to create beautiful and meaningful timepieces for the individual.

A quick introduction to our dial process

Our process is essentially an updated version of the traditional art of Champlevé Enamelling. It is a technique which harks back to as early as the 3rd Century, and was prevalently used in jewellery and ornate boxes.

First, a metallic plate is carved and etched with the artistic details, forming troughs. Vitreous coloured enamel is then pulverised, liquified and filled into the troughs. The entire dial is then fired in a kiln.

The annealing of the enamel creates a smooth, glossy coloured effect resembling stained glass! It is then left to cool and set.

Dials are then assembled along with the hands, crystal indices, and movement into the watch. It is secured with a caseback, and tested for water-resistance.

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